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The following statistics are from the 2011 ABTA report and the stats represent between spring 2009 & spring 2010.


  • 2,012 Brits were arrested in Spain
  • 1,367 were arrested in the USA
  • 831 were Hospitalized in spain
  • 5,930 deaths of British Citizens abroad
  • 27,272 had their passports lost or stolen (6,618 in Spain, 3,268 in USA, 2,400 in France)

Top Destinations; (In 2009)

  1. Spain (11.6m)
  2. France (9.8m)
  3. Republic of Ireland (3.5m)
  4. USA (3.1m)
  5. Italy (2.6m)
  6. Germany (2.1m)
  7. Greece (1.9m)
  8. Netherlands (1.8m)
  9. Portugal (1.8m)
  10. Turkey (1.6m)

Portugal topped the Post Office Travel Money annual Worldwide holiday cost barometer. The survey collected prices of 8 common items to buy while on vacation in resorts and compared the total costs. The items compared were; A cup of Coffee, Bottle of Beer, Can of Coke, 1.5ltr bottle of Mineral Water from a supermarket, Suncream, insect repellent, pack of 20 cigarettes and a 3 course evening meal for 2 adults with a bottle of house wine.

A Typical street in Lisbon, Portugal. Copyright Brand New Eyes Photography

With the total cost of those items being just £32.84, Portugal led the list, with Australia being on the other end of the scale where the same items would set you back a whopping £157.51.

Other bargain holiday hot spots high on the list were Spain (£36.68), Czech Republic (£37.98) and Bulgaria(£39.39).

If you want to travel further afield and can budget for the flight cost, good deals can be found in Sri Lanka (£40.62), Thailand (£44.26), Mexico (£45.36) and Malaysia (£47.68).

Thailand was actually very cheap on all items except the 3 course meal for 2, at £34.82, it takes up a large portion of the total costs, with a can of coke only setting you back 28p there, compared to 89p in Portugal so this could be a great option if you are planning on going full board with your meals already accounted for.

New Zealand polled in at 33 out of 36 with a total cost of £111.37 for the 8 items, showing that while it may be a cheap place to live, it’s not so cheap to vacation there.

Other places to stay away from if you are on a budget include; Hong Kong (£138.64), Canada (£119.32) and Barbados (£111.27).

The cheapest cigarettes can be found in Indonesia, a steal at only 95p for 20 marlborough lights, the same pack in Australia will set you back around £8.42.

Walking up and down the cobbled streets of Lisbon feels like you’ve stepped back in time. The charming, winding streets by the port feel you with a real sense of “The old world”.

Perched overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, a walk upwards will reward you with stunning views but be sure to stop off at one of the little cafe’s on the way where you can take in the local cuisine.

Cruising is a great way to see Portugal’s capitol, with many mediterranean routes departing from Southampton visiting here as well as transatlantic cruises.