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About 8 hours Car ride out of Lima, Peru into the Jungle sits a strange small village named Oxapama. What’s so strange about this Peruvian Village? well it’s actually German. It was founded in the 19th century by German settlers, those that made it after a 2 year journey by boat from Europe. Peru’s road’s are notoriously dangerous which makes this even more remote and a wonderful find and something you’d not expect to find hiding in the middle of the amazon rainforest. The village has 3 hotels a few pubs & restaurants and ¬†has traditional german architecture.


When you think of Japan, you might think; Technology, sky scrapers, Sushi? What you probably don’t think of is white sandy beaches and idillic crystal clear waters. Perhaps it’s most well known beach is it’s indoor one but peace, tranquility and pristine beaches can be found on the Japanese Island of Ishigaki. The island is located between Japan and China and therefore takes cultural influences from both countries. It has an airport which is accessible only from Japan via Japan Transocean Air.

Ishigaki Island

The Shetland Islands¬†are an archipelago comprising of over 100 islands off the north east coast of Scotland where you can find dramatic landscapes, an abundance of wildlife and some great traditions. Although the Islands belong to Scotland and the United Kingdom, the nearest major city is actually Bergen in Norway. The largest town on the Islands is Lerwick with a population of around 7,000. A range of wildlife can be spotted here including Puffins, Seals and Orcas. There’s a thriving culture and events like Europe’s most famous Fire festival, “Up Helly Aa” which is held on the last Tuesday in January. You can reach the Islands by Ferry from Aberdeen and by plane with LoganAir from Edinburgh and Glasgow. It is also worth noting that the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) can be seen from the Islands.

Foula Island