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Had a recent windfall? Want to splash out? or just want to see what the rich spend their money on while on vacation. Here’s a list of the ten most expensive hotel rooms in the world.

#10 Gora Kadan, Gora, Japan. $1,459 per night.

#9 Saffire Freycinet, Cole’s Bay, Australia. $1,576 per night

#8 Jumeirah Dhevanafushi, Maldives. $2,106 per night

#7 La Reserve, Ramatuelle, France. $2,112 per night


#6 Hotel Romazzino, Porto Cervo, Italy. $2,115 per night

#5 Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, Lithgow, Australia. $2,119 per night

#4 Hotel Cala di Volpe, Porto Cervo, Italy. $2,286 per night

#3 Royal Mansour, Marrakech, Morocco. $2,327 per night

#2 Hotel Pitrizza, Porto Cervo, Italy. $2,335 per night

And finally, the most expensive Hotel in the world is…

#1 Maia Luxury Resort & Spa, Anse Louis, Seychelles. $2,455 per night

So there you have it, the ten most expensive hotels in the world, pretty aren’t they.

This list was compiled by Rankings were based on average hotel rates for a standard double room between June and August 2011, rates were quoted directly from hotel websites/phone. 


How do you define safe? Well every year a Global Peace Index (GPI) is published that ranks countries on a number of different categories including terrorism threat, wars & conflicts, homicide rate, political instability, imports of major weapons, percentage of prisoners and the public’s perception of safety.

In the 2011 report the top ten safest countries in the world were classed as;

  1. Iceland
  2. New Zealand
  3. Japan
  4. Denmark
  5. Czech Republic
  6. = Austria & Luxembourg
  7. Finland
  8. Canada
  9. Norway
  10. Slovenia

Iceland and New Zealand switched round from the 2010 report where New Zealand came top, coupled with the low cost of living there makes New Zealand seem like the best choice when you combine safety with cost of living. Czech Republic is a country where safety is quickly improving, jumping up from #12 last year and #17 in 2008.

At #12 on the list just missing out on the top 10 is Qatar…which some people may find surprising, yet a reminder that not all middle eastern countries are unsafe. Qatar is due to host the 2022 fifa world cup and their economy is the fastest growing in the world.

Here’s where some other major countries ranked;

Australia – #18, United Kingdom – #26, Spain – #28, USA – #82

Now on to the most dangerous countries in the world, places where you should perhaps avoid visiting unless necessary.

  1. Somalia
  2. Iraq
  3. Sudan
  4. Afghanistan
  5. North Korea
  6. Democratic republic of Congo
  7. Russia
  8. Pakistan
  9. Israel
  10. Central African Republic

Unsurprisingly Somalia tops the list as the most dangerous country in the world mainly down to the government not having control for over 20 years now add in problems like active pirating and it doesn’t look like the idea vacation destination. At number 11 on the list, Libya has gone from the 56th safest country in the world in last years report to one of the unsafest.

It is worth noting that these figures that make up the GPI are taken from the country as a whole and while the country may be dangerous it doesn’t mean to say there aren’t relatively safe cities there. For example, while Israel continues it’s conflicts with Palestine over the Gaza Strip, the city of Tel-Aviv has low crime rates, considerably lower than say Birmingham, England.

But wherever you go, stay safe. There are countries where it’s common not to lock your doors at night but you are only increasing the danger levels if you don’t. Any city has it’s rough parts and you should always be aware of pick-pockets in crowded areas.